Website optimization

We carry out a range of measures to increase the ranking of your website in Poland in search results. To do this, we carry out a thorough analysis of search queries on your topic and optimise the site for these queries. Thus, you get a large number of interested visitors to your website in Europe and Poland.

Support, Filling

We offer a range of services to fill the site and its technical support. We prepare and publish up-to-date information on the site, write articles on a given topic of your site, fill online shops with goods. We control the stable operation of the site. Selection of a beautiful and optimal domain name.

Contextual advertising

To increase the flow of customers to your site, we offer to use the services of contextual advertising in Warsaw. We conduct effective advertising campaigns in Poland, Europe, which will increase the number of sales of your goods and services. We also determine the optimal budget for its implementation.

Video editing

We offer professional video editing services, videos for social networks, corporate videos, home videos.

Creation of websites of varying complexity

Website creation

1. Website creation

We develop websites of different complexity. In our web studio you can order websites in Poland of different configurations, such as: one-page website (Landing Page), personal website, business card website, corporate website, online shop. By purchasing a website in Europe, you expand the horizons of your business development, increase the number of clients in Poland and Europe.

Mobile technologies

2. Mobile technologies

When creating a website in Poland, we use technologies that are adapted for viewing the website on modern mobile gadgets such as tablets and smartphones. Website design in Warsaw will be based on the new HTML5 platform, which fulfils all requirements when using mobile technologies.


3. Design

Creation of an original website design with the company logo. Accessible and user-friendly functionality of the site. In the development of the site for us the main factor is the convenience of the user's search for the necessary goods, necessary information and ease of order placement.

A personal website is a necessity

Making a website is a modern, versatile tool that allows you to announce yourself or your business to the world.

Quick start

Making a website is a modern universal tool that allows you to announce yourself or your business to the whole world. A personal website in Poland will help to expand the circle of customers and establish business relations. A website in Europe is the best type of advertising, because it can reach a huge target audience. Creating a website is an effective investment of your money and advertising your goods or services will be round the clock! And you will be able to provide the future client with detailed information about your products and services, tell about your company, share the latest news, notify about current promotions and novelties.

Quick start


For companies and private entrepreneurs engaged in trading activities, the creation of an online shop in Europe will be indispensable. An online shop in Europe is your personal trading platform, where you can place a huge number of goods. You can buy an online shop as an addition to your existing retail business. Also create an online shop in Poland as a separate type of business, without being tied to a real shop. Buy a website or create a website yourself - this question is for everyone to decide for themselves, depending on the amount of funds available or on the available knowledge and skills.



A company that has its own corporate website is more trusted by customers and this factor has a positive impact on the image of the company. Creating a corporate website in Poland from scratch can be done in different ways. Creating a business card site is a feasible task for a person. True, it will take a lot of time, and can be made serious mistakes in such matters as site optimisation, which can negatively affect the further promotion of the site. Therefore, the creation of the site yourself is a very controversial issue if you want to be a serious player in the business.


JS Studio

Order a website from JS web studio in Warsaw. This option is the best, so the design of the site will be developed to your taste and it will have all the functionality you need. The solution to such an important issue as the creation and promotion of sites is better to entrust in the hands of professionals. In our Polish web studio you can buy a website inexpensively. Our experts will make a quality site for a reasonable price, in a timely manner and in accordance with all your wishes. You can also order a website in Poland in our studio in instalments. We take an individual approach to each customer.

JS Studio

How to order

  • Site subject matter

    Site subject matter

    Choose the theme of the site

  • Site features

    Site features

    Compose the functionality of the site

  • Terms of Reference

    Terms of Reference

    Drafting of technical specifications

  • Hosting


    Placing the site on hosting

  • Website creation

    Website creation

    Development, optimisation of the site