Google or facebook campaign

Google Ads and Facebook Ads are advertising systems that seem very similar to each other. So the question is: which one is better? As you can imagine, it all depends on the goal of the campaign and your needs. In this article, we'll show you what both types of advertising are, what their advantages and disadvantages are, and focus on the differences between the two systems. We will also try to suggest which one you should choose and when to do it.


Every day, a huge number of users view information on the Google search engine. If you reach customers in Poland, you can be sure that it is Google, and not another search engine, that tells them where to eat, which stores to choose or which services to use. It's no surprise that Google Ads is so advanced. After all, this makes it easy to reach a clearly defined group of potential customers.

So, creating Google Ads is a great solution no matter the size of your brand or industry. How does Google Ads work? As with social media advertising, it's easy to do it yourself - it's a very intuitive solution. However, nothing prevents you from using the help of advertising agency specialists who have set their teeth on edge with Google Ads.

However, to start using Google Ads, you must first create an advertiser account. However, it is definitely not as developed as Facebook Business Manager, which is a professional tool for marketers. Of course, this doesn't mean there's no chance you'll do something wrong in Google Ads. The effectiveness of advertising depends on appropriate optimization, although again not as detailed as in the case of Facebook Ads. But more on that later. First, let's focus on the advertising capabilities of Google Ads.

Once you select your goal, the Google Ads advertising system provides you with four main types of advertising. This:

The search network is an action that allows you to display paid search results instead of organic search results. Remember that the cost here will depend on the popularity of the chosen keyword. This is still the most popular form of advertising in this system.

The contextual display network is advertising in the form of banners that is displayed both on a website, in an application, and when using services owned by Google. This is a way to reach not only people searching for information in the search engine itself, but also in other places on the Internet, such as national websites.

YouTube is video advertising displayed while viewing recordings or in the form of banners appearing directly on the site.

Product ad - displayed in search results. This is the easiest way to promote not only a website or category, but also products available in an online store. You can also appear on the Google Shopping tab with Shopping Ads.

Of course, that's not all Google Ads has to offer. You can also choose local campaigns that will attract new customers to a store or event, remarketing displayed to people who have previously visited the site, which selects the ideal location for advertising using an algorithm.

Google Ads - Payments

The Google Ads system is a typical performance marketing system. This means that you pay not for the impression, but for the action that potential customers take on your ad. If they visit the store or call you, a fee will apply. Thus, the system works on a PPC (pay per click) basis. Setting up Google ads contextual advertising is not very difficult; of course, you need to pay attention to each setting.

The payment method is up to you. You can choose to pay automatically after 30 days for your results. Another way is to pay manually, i.e. pay for future expenses (prepayment). Google also offers a credit limit, but there are certain requirements you need to meet. Automatic payments are the recommended and most commonly used payment method on Google.


One of the main advantages of this system is undoubtedly the fact that Google, a search engine of this size, cannot be underestimated. Google records about 90 billion visits every month, and yet the popularity of this search engine is constantly growing. There is no other player like this on the market. This broad reach is undoubtedly Google Ads' strength. Moreover, Google advertising is targeted at people who, based on their search history, are interested in a specific topic. Thanks to this, Google Ads provides relatively quick campaign results - if it is well optimized, of course, and this takes practice.

In a situation where recipients don't go to your site, they will at least see the name of the company or products, because this is the first thing they see after entering keywords or phrases. A large assortment allows you not only to achieve quick results, but also to increase brand recognition. The Google Ads advertising system is flexible and easy to use, both in terms of creating ads and in terms of controlling your advertising budget. You can order Google Ads from us now. So if you are wondering whether to choose Google Ads or Facebook Ads, these benefits can help you make the right decision.