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Cookies policy  

Capitalized terms have the meaning ascribed to them in the Privacy Policy and in this document called the Cookie Policy.

The Cookie Policy applies to the Websites.

The Cookies Policy is a supplement to the Privacy Policy regarding the processing of personal data registered and stored via cookies used on the Websites.

The administrator of personal data registered and stored via cookies on the Websites is:

in the case of own cookies, i.e. cookies from the Internet domain of our Websites.



Cookies are text files saved by a web browser on your computer or other device to store information for your identification or to remember the history of actions taken by you on the Websites.

In addition to cookies, we also use other similar technologies such as:

Fingerprinting is a technology that collects and analyzes information about your device (information about the browser, operating system, installed plug-ins, time zone, screen size, system fonts and other configurations) with which you use the Services. This information is used to identify you and ensure the security of the Services;

Recognition of devices consists in the analysis of collected information concerning your device (information about the browser, operating system, installed plug-ins, time zone, screen size, system fonts and other configurations), operations based on statistics and probability, and assigning a common identifier to data resulting from use of the device. The purpose of this action is to try to recognize you (e.g. recognizing that you are the same user using multiple devices). This information is used to identify you;

Mobile In-App Tracking is a number of technologies that provide an analysis of information activity in a mobile application. These technologies are not based on cookies installed via browsers and cannot be controlled via browser settings. These technologies may use your device ID or other identifiers such as "Ads ID" to associate your in-app activity with a specific app and analyze your app or device activity;

Facebook Pixel is a technology that helps measure the effectiveness of ads displayed on Facebook based on the analysis of your activity on our Services.

To ensure the transparency of the information contained in the Cookies Policy, all the above-mentioned technologies will be referred to as cookies.



We use cookies that differ from each other both in their life cycle and the Internet domain from which they originate.

Due to the life cycle, cookies are divided into:

session - deleted simultaneously with closing the web browser,  
permanent - deleted after a predetermined time, regardless of closing the web browser.  
Due to the Internet domain from which they originate, cookies are divided into: own - set by web servers of our websites,  
third parties (our partners) - set by web servers of websites other than our websites.  


Provision of the services you request (essential cookies)

We use our own cookies to enable you to log in to your Account, access the Website's services intended only for logged-in Users, and to enable you to smoothly navigate the pages and subpages of the Websites without having to repeat the authentication process each time.

Optimizing the use of the Websites (essential and analytical cookies)

We use our own cookies to ensure the convenience of using the Websites, including to limit the number of notifications (about updating the regulations, the use of cookies and about the availability of the Website guide). Cookies are also used to check the security of the IT system and to remember your preferences.

Statistics of page views and subpages of the Websites (analytical cookies)

We use cookies from our partners (e.g. Google Analytics, Hotjar) to count visits to the Websites, their length and determine which functionalities of the Website or its parts were most often used or visited. The information collected in this way allows us to analyze the performance of the Websites and determine the directions of development of new functionalities and services.

Tracking activity on the Websites (analytical cookies)

We use our own cookies to identify you for the purpose of analyzing your activity on the Websites, determining what activities you have taken on the Websites, in particular which job offers you have displayed and for which you have applied. The information collected in this way allows us to better match recommended job offers and marketing messages to your preferences and interests.

Displaying advertisements tailored to your preferences (advertising cookies)

Our cookies and cookies of our partners (e.g. Google Adwords, Criteo, RTB House) are used to run marketing campaigns and remarketing campaigns reaching you with our marketing messages if you have previously visited our websites. These cookies remember that you have visited our Websites and what activities you have performed on our Websites. The information collected in this way is transferred to our partners (external providers).

We use our partners' cookies to send you notifications in your browser (so-called web push notifications). In addition, we use third-party cookies to identify you for the purpose of sending web push notifications.



Through our cookies and our partners, the following information about you may be recorded and stored:

data about your device (e.g. device ID, MAC address, IP address, operating system, device settings, in particular the set language, screen resolution, type of web browser),  
data about your visits to our websites (e.g. time and length of visit, visited subpages on our Services, search data), data about your location (if you consent to it), information about the advertisements you have viewed, including information about the links you have clicked.



You can specify the conditions for storing or accessing cookies using the web browser settings or service configuration (e.g. using the "opt-out" function of our partners). In this way, you can withdraw your consent to the use of cookies or our partners or object to the processing of personal data registered and stored using such cookies.

In the menu bar of the web browser in the "Help" section, you can find information on how to refuse saving new cookies, how to delete cookies saved so far, how to request notification of saving a new cookie and how to block cookies.

Taking the utmost care in providing the best quality of services, we inform you that changing the settings for cookies, by refusing to save cookies, may cause difficulties and even prevent you from using some of our services.


To use this website, we use cookies and collect certain data. To comply with EU GDPR, we give you the opportunity to choose whether you allow us to use certain cookies and collect certain data.

Necessary data.

Necessary Data is necessary for the technical functioning of the visited Website. They cannot be deactivated.

- Session cookie: PHP uses a cookie to identify a user's session. Without this cookie the website will not function.

- XSRF-Token Cookie: the site automatically generates a CSRF "token" for each active user session managed by the application. This token is used to verify that the authenticated user is actually sending requests to the application.