Creating Google Ads and Facebook Advertising in Poland and Europe

The internet is the primary source of information for millions of people worldwide, making it essential to utilize advertising on platforms like Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords) and Facebook, where ad placements can be strategically planned. The flexibility of Google Ads allows you to target your desired audience through search engines and websites, making it an invaluable tool for driving customers to your website or online store. Moreover, for products or services that require immediate visibility without the time for organic online presence growth, advertising on Google can deliver results as soon as the next day.

Google Ads Advertising Campaigns

Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords) is the most effective online advertising solution available. Even poorly positioned websites have a chance to appear on the first page of search results through the use of paid advertisements, which is crucial for driving traffic to a website.

Google Ads allows you to place ads in Google's search network and the Google Display Network, including websites, apps, and videos. This system provides various ad formats, such as text ads and responsive display ads that visually align with the pages they are displayed on. Depending on the campaign type, you can set different goals, such as focusing on sales and conversions, increasing website traffic, or encouraging user engagement with your brand.

What is a Google Ads Campaign?

Google Ads, previously known as Google AdWords and Google AdWords Express, is a popular tool for advertising your offerings on the internet. It is primarily used to promote products, services, or apps on search engines and other platforms, including YouTube. Managing your ads is straightforward, and access to performance tracking enables effective management.

Who is the Google Ads Campaign Targeted At?
Google Ads campaigns are primarily designed for creators and entrepreneurs operating online who are seeking to reach their audience there. It is a tool intended for people looking to boost their online sales and attract new potential customers.

What is Google Advertising? These campaigns help expand your audience by placing ads in the most commonly used places for your target audience. By using relevant keywords, ads also appear in search results, catering to the needs of people actively searching for specific offerings.

How Much Does a Google Ads Campaign Cost?

One of the advantages of using Google Ads is the ability to adjust your budget, ensuring that the monthly advertising costs are manageable. After setting a specific monthly budget, you will receive an estimate of the number of clicks and user actions. You can pause or enhance your campaign at any time.

What encourages companies to benefit from Google campaigns is the opportunity to create a free account and pay only for clicks. This means you only pay when your audience interacts with your ads.

Cost of Google Ads Setup and Management:

  • The initial setup cost for an advertising campaign depends on the monthly budget and is discussed on a personalized basis.
  • Minimum 500 zloty net.
  • Monthly fee minimum 15% of the advertising campaign budget.

Why Choose Us for Google Ads and Facebook Advertising?


1. Result

Results-driven and goal-oriented When we create Google Ads, we focus on maximising your profits. We work to ensure that your ad campaign meets all of your goals - in search results and beyond.


2. Timing

Timeliness and good communication We strictly adhere to the agreed deadlines, regularly informing you of every extension of the work. We make sure that you always know what is happening with your advertising campaign. We report on the progress of our work at least once a month.


3. Consultant

At any time, you can contact your consultant or directly the advertising specialist in charge of your campaign - either with questions about campaign optimisation, comments on existing Google ads, or ideas for new keywords.


4. Details

We run comparison tests to find the most effective adverts. We find the best keywords using both the tools provided by Google and others.


5. Optimisation

Regular ad optimisation. If you need to change your campaign settings, add new ad options or work on your costs - rest assured, we'll do it.


6. Co-operation

Transparent co-operation. We provide monthly and, if necessary, weekly reports informing about the work done.

What do you get when you choose our offer?

Detailed analysis and initial assessment. We will determine the budget of the campaign, indicate the best way to achieve the goal, check the competition, indicate what can be the approximate advertising costs and what types of campaigns will be optimal - in Google search engine, advertising network and maybe other keyword analysis.
Constant monitoring and analysis.
Regular optimisation of advertising.
Transparent co-operation.
Fixed price for the work done. You pay as much as we agreed at the beginning of the co-operation, unless we jointly consider that a higher budget or more extensive advertising activities would be useful.

Google Ads allows you to place adverts on the Google search network and the Google contextual media network, including websites, apps and videos. The system provides us, for example, with text adverts and flexible media adverts that visually match the page on which they are displayed. Depending on the type of campaign we choose the right target, for example in a product campaign we may focus on sales and conversions, increasing website traffic or encouraging users to interact with the brand.

Benefits of google ads

Pay only for results
Due to the pay-per-click nature of advertising, you are only charged for clicking on an advert. This means that if the campaign is less effective than the initial assumptions, the cost will also be lower. Of course, a well-tuned campaign with business realities in mind will result in the realisation of business effects and the intended ROI. It is also important that for advertising through Google Ads, all businesses have the opportunity to realise the potential of Google Ads irrespective of the size of their marketing budget.

What types of google ads campaigns are available.
There are several types of marketing campaigns available in Google Ads. Depending on the goals of the company as well as the specified group of recipients, other types of adverts are created and placed in different places.

We can help you choose the type of Google Ads campaign according to your needs so that the entire marketing campaign is effective.

Search Network Campaigns

Search campaigns are one of the most popular ways of advertising. They mainly target potential customers who are currently looking for a product or service. They enter certain terms into the search engine and on that basis they are shown adverts. For such a campaign to be effective, you need to define not only the goals, but also the keywords. The advert should contain the most important information about the company and possibly contact details or a website address.

PLA Campaign

Product Listing Ads (PLA - Product Listing Ads) campaign is an ideal solution for online shops. It allows you to encourage internet users to visit your website with a specific product. The advertisement is a photo of the offered product and information about its name and price. Such a campaign has a great potential and can generate traffic to the website and above all generate sales. It is most often used in the field of e-commerce.

Media campaign

An effective advert is also one that attracts audiences from other platforms. This is what a campaign on the Google Ads contextual media network is designed for. Through this, you can promote your company and services among the target group on other websites. Google Ads allows you to show adverts on websites such as Gmail, YouTube or other places such as blogs. This way, your reach network grows and you reach a much larger audience than without this type of advertising.

Remarketing Campaign

A remarketing campaign primarily targets recipients who already know your company because they have visited its website at least once. Google Ads includes campaigns based on user cookies. Your ad appears on other websites that this potential customer visits, often encouraging them to return to your site.

video campaign

The video campaign offered by Google Ads works primarily on YouTube. It is displayed to users who are watching.


The cost of advertising is inextricably linked to the budget we set - the amount we can spend on campaigns.

The main type of budget is your daily budget, which is the maximum amount your Google ads can spend in one day. Each campaign has its own daily budget, and once it is exceeded, your ads will stop running. Is this like this every time? No. Google reserves the right to exceed your daily advertising budget if it finds that your ads are likely to generate more traffic on a given day.

Another important concept is the monthly budget. Basically unlimited. You don't have to worry about whether there is a minimum budget you need. You can start with an amount of 100,000 zlotys, as well as with 100 zlotys.


The entire Google Ads (Google Adwords) system is based on an auction system. How do they work? Let's say a user enters “best pizzeria in Katowice” into the Google search engine. At this point, Google finds all the matching ads and can respond to your query. At the same time, discarding those that, for example, are aimed at other cities or countries or are completely incompatible with the request.

Among the selected ads, ads with a sufficiently high ad rating are displayed. This consists of: the expected click-through rate (CTR), indicating how likely a user is to check our ad for the relevance of the ad and, in particular, the keyword phrases it is targeting
Landing page quality (the page should be clear, useful and well structured).


A Google Ads advertising campaign can be your best ally. The potential for promotion on Google is enormous, and our advertising efforts are limited only by knowledge and creativity.


When you have a new online store and want to promote it
When you want to notify your customers about special promotions or promotions in your online store
You have a landing page and you want to sell using it.
You have short-term goals, such as increasing sales at the end of the quarter.
You sell seasonal goods or services
You have just created a website for your company and want to promote it
You want to protect your brand from competitors.

Keywords play a major role here. When an Internet user enters a search term, Google crawls millions of websites looking for content that matches that phrase. The results show hundreds of websites for companies with the same profile as you. By adding relevant keywords to the Google Ads panel, you can be sure that the person entering those specific or similar search queries into a search engine will see your page at the top of the search results, even if it is not the highest in the results.

In addition to search results, your ad may also appear on YouTube in videos related to your business and on websites closely related to the industry in which you are advertising. They will be in the form of advertising videos or banners with links to the site. With this, you can create a need in the consumer during their daily surfing the Internet, which increases the likelihood of them becoming your customer.

In Google Ads, a potential client will only see your ad if it is interesting to him. Therefore, it must be precisely adapted to his expectations, answer his questions and needs. When creating content, you should first of all take care of the careful and accurate selection of keywords and creatives. Think about what people are saying when searching for your products and what they care about most.

It is important to focus on the company's greatest strengths. It's good to communicate in your ad content (and through the use of additional ad extensions) what sets the offer apart from the competition. This could be, for example, the presence of a limited collection or a current promotion on purchases, free shipping or immediate delivery - then the offer from the first lines of the text will seem more attractive than others.

When shopping online, consumers are “product-focused”—that is, they pay less attention to the website offering the product and focus it on choosing the best, most visible offer.

By placing an ad in the Google Ads system, thanks to the PPC (pay per click) system, you pay only for the most valuable consumers, i.e. those who were interested in your materials and were redirected to your website. There is neither the smallest nor the largest amount that you have to pay for one click - you set it yourself, based on your own capabilities and analysis of bids previously placed by competitors for the same keywords.

Each ad is initially entered into an auction. The system primarily takes into account the quality indicator, i.e. the relevance of the keywords to the query entered into the search engine by the Internet user, and the quality of the marketing content and landing page. Even if the bid is lower than that of competitors, but the relevance is higher, the ad display has a much greater chance of winning the auction. So if not only financial resources have an impact on the course of the campaign. It is worth optimizing the campaign as much as possible and ensuring high quality content posted on the site.

What are the payment methods in Google Ads?

When you create a Google Ads account, one of the first steps Google will ask you to add is a credit or debit card as your primary payment method for your ads. Ads are paid automatically when ads are shown or 30 days after the last payment. Payouts are also made when account spending reaches a predetermined limit. It all depends on what comes first.

Another option available to advertisers who meet Google Ads criteria is monthly billing, which is the ability to use a credit limit. In this case, the advertiser first generates expenses and receives an invoice each month, which can be paid by bank transfer or check. What criteria must be met? The advertiser must have a company registered for at least a year, an active advertising account for the same period, a good payment and compliance history, and monthly advertising expenses for the last three of the last 12 months must be $5,000. U.S. DOLLAR. Once submitted, Google checks the advertiser's credit history and sends the advertiser an offer.

What is the difference between Google AdSense and Google Ads?

The main difference between the two services is who they are intended for. Google Ads is a service designed for advertisers, while Google AdSense is a service designed for publishers and website owners.

Google AdSense allows publishers to monetize their websites. Website owners provide a portion of their website as advertising space to display display or text ads from advertisers using Google Ads.

Google Ads allows advertisers to create their own advertising campaigns. Among other things, ad network campaigns, which are largely created by publishers providing their advertising space on Google AdSense.

The advertiser pays Google for every click on their ad. When advertisers pay for clicks on their ad, a portion of that fee goes to the publisher who provided the ad space and clicked on the ad from their website. Accordingly, the second difference between the two platforms is related to the type of commissions. With Google Ads, we incur advertising costs for displaying our ads. On the other hand, with Google AdSense, publishers receive funds from Google in exchange for providing advertising space.

If you have any questions, call or make a request through the "Contacts" menu.