Online shops are developing actively now, as the number of Internet users is growing rapidly. Accordingly, the demand for the purchase of goods online increased significantly. Creating online business can bring a stable and even a huge income. Everything depends on the strategy of the business-plan of an online store.

The first step towards financial independence is the creation and development of the internet shop. Our web-studio will help you to make a qualitative and inexpensive online store, that will match your needs and your specificity of activity.

We can help you determine the best CMS for your store. What is CMS? This is a special management program of online store. It includes management of commodity items, pricing, photos and product descriptions. CMS provides a convenient and intuitive management system of online store. Design  of internet shop is designed according to your wishes, сonsidering the theme of  your products.

All of these programs have their own advantages and disadvantages. Our web-studio considers the best СМS program  is Opencart. Because it is very easy to use and has a lot of options, that can be set at the request of the customer.
Stages of creation and development of an online store as a business are as follows:
1. It is necessary to choose the kind of products you want to sell.
2. You need to find suppliers.
3. To create online store - here you can fully entrust this task experts of web-studio A.
4. Conduct an advertising campaign, which may include website promotion and directly advertising.
5. To establish a system of delivery. Typically, courier services and transport organizations do this task well.
6. Acceptance of payments and control of the orders.
We hope, that cooperation with our web-studio will be the beginning of creating a successful and profitable online store.